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How to Format SD Card for Raspberry Pi

In this post, I’ll teach you how to format SD cardwith a capacity larger than 32GB into the FAT32 format that is appropriate for use in your Raspberry Pi. If you'd want to know the SD card limit for the raspberry Pi, check this

DISKPART was most people’s option before we graduated to the SD formatter tools. You’ll need Raspberry Pi SD formatting when (a) Remove the corrupt files and software. (b) Following a pre-partition to expand storage space. (c) Change the OS from the preload one. 

                                        Format your SD Card for Raspberry Pi 
First:  Backup the files and data held in the devices recommended in this post (Safetomatic). You can store the data and files in an external hard drive on your computer. 
Windows 10: FAT32 formatting for the Micro SD card 
You regular format utility feature on Windows will only help format SD cards that are 32GB or lower capacity. 
But how do you know such details on your SD CARD? 
Go to the SD card file-system format on windo…

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