Raspberry pi 3 projects for beginners

It’s no secret that Raspberry pi computers are now a favourite of many computer fans and geeks.
As such, most of them are motivated to innovate amazing Raspberry pi projects to solve different world problems. 

Some of the most notable DIY Raspberry projects of our time include the retro-gaming consoles and wearable devices. Learn how to get started with Raspberry Pi

Therefore, if you are excited to start off on your Raspberry Pi’s project creation, you’ll be if you sharpen your skills with the below beginner Raspberry Pi projects. 

Raspberry pi 3 projects for beginners 

1. Build a Unique Raspberry Pi Laptop
With the Raspberry Pi computer boards, geeks are now encouraged to make their unique laptops.
With the amazing portable PiJuice platform, you can now transform your Raspberry Pi to become a fully-loaded laptop. 

Its battery is 1400 mAh and will serve you for six hours. Furtherm you’ll get a low-power sleep state, on or off switch with on-board intelligent and multi-coloured LED that is programmable. 

Despite that PiJuice platform will allow you to create a fully-fledged laptop, using various guides, it’s possible to twerk somethings to fit your requirements. 

2. Build and amazing Gaming Console that is Portable!
Amazingly, many projects for Raspberry Pi are created for retro-games. Notably, Raspberry Pi has an amazing CPU and is little size. 

It’s now easy to imitate consoles like Sega Genesis, NES, and SNES. However, ensure that you know how to format the SD CARD. With the controller and Raspberry Pi, you’ll not need to 3D-print cases like most other geeks. 

RetroPie will enable one to change the PC, Raspberry Pi, or ODroid C1 or C2 to an excellent retro-gaming system. 

RetroPie allows us to create on the RetroArch, EmulationStation, and Raspbian and thus you’ll easily create a home-console or Arcade with little limitations. 

Interestingly, you’ll get numerous pre-made images that you can download to enable you to go through the installation process. 

3. Photo Booth Raspberry Pi Project
You need your visitors to be entertained? Well, with the Raspberry Pi, you can now easily create a photo booth. 

However, in this project you’ll only have a touch-screen camera created from the Raspberry Pi and you’ll fix it on the tripod or wall. 

Therefore, your guests will take a picture through the touch-screen on the camera. Further, the pictures will upload to Google Photos and sent to the visitor’s email address. 


There you have it, the ultimate and easy projects you can do with your raspberry pi. The device is easy to use, cheap and highly customizable to achieve top performance.


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