What Is the Raspberry Pi SD Card Size Limit?

Well, the market has many SD Card models but evidently not all will work with your Raspberry Pi Project card right off the box. But the four critical consideration to note on the SD card are class, size, type and brand. 
Maximum size for the SD card

But first, there is no maximum size for the SD card limit that you can use on your raspberry Pi but there are some caveats when it comes to those larger than 32GB. Don't worry, I will guide you through the exFAT32 and the FAT32  jargon. 
Despite that the 32GB card would be adequate for your different robotics and electronics projects, it is clear that it is possible to use larger SD card sizes such as 64GB Class 10 and 128GB. However, the Raspberry Pi 16 GB Preloaded card would be appropriate for most raspberry pi. 

Because Micro SD cards hold all data and information running applications and the Pi operating system, then getting the small capacity card would not be appropriate despite working with your Raspberry Pi. 
For instance, a 4 GB SD card can run Kodi on your RasPi 2 but a larger SD storage capacity would be appropriate. Therefore, for starts, 8 GB -32 GB SD capacity size would be enough for your raspberry Pi. 
Any Micro SD card larger than 32GB would require to be formatted to FAT32 before you install the Raspberry Pi operating system. 
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What about Physical Size? 

Notably, starting with its B+ 512 version, Raspberry Pi switched to the Micro SD card size from its earlier Micro SD card size. Therefore, it’s no brainier that your Raspberry Pi 2 and Raspberry 3 and Raspberry 3+ will use the Micro SD Card format.
But are you wondering, which is size is this Micro SD Card format? Well, the Micro SD Card format is your regular cell phone SD card.
Any SD card larger than 32GB will require a quick formatting to FAT32 format


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